Bottle Packs - Big Savings 💰😍

Three Easy Steps...

Make drinking responsibly easier & more convenient 🥂

Pour a perfect standard drink every time! No more glass bottles outdoors, one handed operation, easily measure a single or a double shot! 🥃 🥃

Don't pay for expensive RTD alcohol, fill a Squeeze with your choice of Vodka, Rum, Whiskey or any spirit and mix with cost effective, soft drink cans... Go on, Have a Squeeze! 🤏

Why Aussie's love us 🔥😍

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Mix a perfect standard drink every time 👌

No need for clunky shot pourers 🥃 Save money on expensive pre mixed drinks and make your own drinks cheaper exactly how you like them 😍

Made from food grade, recyclable HDPE plastic with 350ml - 1000ml capacity 💪

No more broken glass bottles when traveling. Perfect for fishing, camping, boating, hiking, hunting, golfing, festivals, parties and so much more 🏕️ 🎣

🥃 Know Your Standard Drinks

Drinking and celebrating is part of our Aussie culture. From going round to a mates for a quick one and a catch up to getting into the great outdoors traveling, fishing or camping; our favourite activities go hand in hand with have a drink. 🏖️🇦🇺

However sometimes we can get carried away with our consumption... Alcohol effects everyone in different ways and it only takes one too many drinks to tip you over the limit. In 2020 over 22,000 people were detected drink driving in QLD, Australia alone. 😯❌

Aussie Family Owned & Operated 👨‍👩‍👦🇦🇺

Make drinking responsibly easier and safer with The Standard Squeeze. 👌

Simply pour the spirit of your choice into our durable, BPA free, HDPE plastic container; Squeeze to fill the 30ml/1oz chamber and serve with your mixer of choice.🍹

Forget about buying expensive premixed drinks and don't worry about breaking glass bottles. Fill The Standard Squeeze with what ever liquid you like, throw it in your esky or bag and take to a friends BBQ or go camping! 🏕️

Don't drink and drive, take the guess work out and and know how much you have had to drink it's simple...Squeeze, Fill, 30ml! 🥃

Wash and reuse again again and again. Excellent for mixing the perfect cocktails every time. 🍸