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Stay Hydrated all day with our stainless steel range of water bottles 💧🧊

950ml - Everyday

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1.9L - Daily

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3.8L Big Boy

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Ensuring proper hydration, especially when consuming alcohol, is essential! That’s why we crafted our Hydrate stainless steel water bottle series.💧

The Everyday is ideal for your Everyday hydrations needs. Its sleek design means it fits perfectly in a car door water bottle holder and fits in the palm of your hand perfectly.👌


The Daily holds more liquid for longer, and is exactly what you need for all day hydration. ✅

Its large bottle mouth means it can be easily loaded with ice and water to stay chilled for extended periods of time. 🧊

Thanks to its dual-wall and vacuum-sealed design, the Hydrate keeps liquids cold for 24+ hours or hot up to 12. ❄️

The BIG BOY...
The Hydrate BIG BOY holds a whopping 3.8L / 128oz. This bottle is made for the Aussie tradie, fisherman, camper or outdoorsman. 🇦🇺

If you are going to the work site, going off grid or into the great outdoors for longer than a day, you need The BIG BOY! 💪 🎣

3x lids included

Unlike other water bottle brands, we include the three most popular lids with The HYDRATE Everyday (950ml) and Daily (1.9L) bottles. One Chug, Straw and Handle style lid, all included. 🥤

Because the BIG BOY is a beast of its own, it comes with one HUGE Chug/Handle lid and also includes a flexible straw that sits inside the lid hole🪣

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The Standard Squeeze came to life in 2019 and is a family owned and operated business located in Central Victoria, Australia. 🇦🇺

The company’s owners, Wayne, Kaye, Ashley and Carly love a drink especially in the great outdoors🏕️

When you buy from us you support the dream, an Aussie Family running a business together! 💪