Our Story

We have all had those mornings where we've woken up with a headache, a fuzzy memory and one big question... How much did I drink last night! 🥴 

The Standard Squeeze is a Family owned and operated business located in Central Victoria, Australia 🇦🇺 with warehouses in Australia, Europe and USA. 🌎 

The companies two owners Wayne and Ashley (Father and Son) regularly drink spirits over beer or cider, meaning that often when visiting friends and family or going fishing and camping there were two options. Either taking a glass bottle full of their favourite alcohol and a shot/nip pourer or buying pre mixed drinks or RTDs which proved to be quite expensive. 💰 

The problem they found was that glass often breaks, rattles or roles around in the car. Having to use a separate measurer means you need to use two hands to pour a shot and its often forgotten about as the night goes on. This leads to free pouring drinks which can either mean making them too strong or weak in flavour and in alcohol percentage (here comes that headache again). Furthermore, RTDs often come premixed with their own cola that some don't like the taste of. The owners preferred to use Coke/Pepsi as their mixer solving that problem.💡 

So, while sitting around a camp fire trying to solve the worlds problems, they started by solving just one and coming up with the concept for The Standard Squeeze. 🔥 

After previously using similar containers to measure out oils, poisons and other medicines, the family developed a brand and a purpose built, food grade container, that had a 30ml chamber unlike these other bottles. 🥃  

Thats it, The Standard Squeeze was born... The ability to pour one standard drink every time, in a durable plastic container, that can be thrown in the esky, car or caravan without breaking or leaking. ✅ 

Check out the radio interview on Triple M with one of the owners that played on over 60 stations all over Australia - And our feature on the Great Australian Doorstep TV show!